What is this website?

As you know there is a feature called Invisiblity in Yahoo! Messenger. It means that your friends can hide from you by changing their status to Invisible. that way you think they are offline even though they're not! Using this tool you can exactly find out if your friends are Online, Offline, or Invisible!

How does it work?

When you make a query, this website connects to a Java backend using PHP and Ajax technology! The backend uses YMSG protocol to connect to Yahoo! Messenger server and logs in multiple Yahoo! bots. Every time you make a query, one of those bots sends a special packet to Yahoo! Server which has different responses for Offline and Invisible users, and that way our program finds out the user's real status.

What is Main Yahoo! ID detector?

As you know everyone can create up to 7 Yahoo profiles in Yahoo! It means that one person can IM you with several display names! A lot of people try to fool their friends by IMing them with their profiles. that way you think they are different people while it is not true! With Main Yahoo! ID detector you can find out the main ID of profiles! From now on no one can fool you that way.

Why sometimes it doesn't show people's main ID?

Yahoo! server doesn't always return main IDs of profiles! Actually it only returns it sometimes, when user is online or invisible. That's why you can not see this information for all Yahoo! IDs.

Can I find user's profiles by entering Main Yahoo ID?

If user's profiles have been checked in Invisible.Ir before, you can find this information in User's Invisible.ir profile page.

How can I find someones Yahoo! 360 profile from Yahoo ID?

It's so simple, just enter someones Yahoo! ID and press enter in the main screen of Invisible.ir and it will show you users Yahoo! 360 profile link as well as user's status. Right now this tool may not find Yahoo 360 link for some users, but we are working on it to get more results.

Can I find someonse Yahoo! ID from his/her Yahoo! 360 profile link?

Right now we do not support this feature, but as our database grows we may put this feature!

What is Yahoo! display image history?

As you know anyone in Yahoo! Messenger can choose an image as his/her display image. Invisible.ir gives you the ability to see others display image even you are not in their friend list!
We also support display image history! It means you can see others previous display images also! It's amazing, isn't it?

What is Yahoo! similar display images?

Do you want to see if someone is using the same display image as you? (Or may be if someone has stolen your display image). We also give similar display images of a particular Yahoo ID! We compare our display image database with user's display image, and show the ones which are similar.

What is an invisiblie™?!

Do you know someone? You can write about him/her in his/her Invisible.ir profile! We call these descriptions Invisiblies! Here are some sample invisiblies for a sample user (ali123):
  • ali123 is handsome and funny!
  • ali123 is 18 years old
  • ali123 is an Electrical Engineering student in IUST right now.
  • ali123 is an Apple fan.
Please keep in mind inappropriate Invisiblies will be deleted and the submitter will be banned from using this website.

What is InvisiPolice™?

Some people use inappropriate display images which are not useful for all users of Invisible.ir. You can report these display images so they won't be displayed in Random Display Images part.
These display images will be stored in some place, and they are planned to be used in a nudity detection project! We will try to use these images to train a software, so it can tell us if an image is inappropriate or not automaticly! It means by reporting inappropriate images correctly, you will help a scientific research!

Can you add msn version?

Right now we only support Yahoo! Messenger. If we see more people interesting about this feature we will research on it.

How can I hack a Yahoo ID?

We DO NOT know anything about hacking, and this web site is not related to this topic at all, please do not ask any questions like this!

Is this service free?

Yes, everything is free on this website!

Where can I buy this software?

We do not sell this software, When something is FREE, why do you want to buy it at all?

Could I have this feature on my website?

Unfortunately right now the answer is no. But we are working on an API. That means you can connect to our server and use this service on your website too.

This website does not work!

This site is tested in all major browsers, but there may be problems in any website! Please send us more info in my invisible.ir profile page!

I've checked someone that is online but this tool shows invisible for that ID, Why?

Yes, this is possible. If you select to hide your status in your profile this tool may show you as Invisible while you are online! Only about 1% of people selected this option so for most people you will get the right status! Ofcourse that is not a problem because most people wants to find if someone is invisible or offline.

Do you collect Yahoo IDs?

Yes, we collect Yahoo! IDs, but that's only for Invisible.ir profile system. We DO NOT use them for spamming or any kind of mass messaging!

Does this program work correctly all the times?

We've tested the new version so much and it worked correctly 98% percent of times. If you find out wrong results for a particular ID, let us know!

If you have any further questions , please contact us.
( jonamoos@spy-yahoo.com - joonamoos@yahoo.com )